Thanks for visiting my blog.

This web site has gone though many iterations of my ever evolving hobbies. From travel to motorsport marshaling, my Miata adventures around the world and finally my Hot Wheels collecting. The latest version will continue in that tradition. The old site is still online but information on it is not particularly relevant in this day and age. Thanks to the pandemic my travels and motorsport marshaling have come to a screeching halt. The Miata was crashed into a year ago and replaced with a junky Wrangler which I don’t really feel like writing about because it would mainly consist of animosity towards Jeep engineers. And the Hot Wheels hobby is mostly a facebook group thing for those that are strictly interested in die cast models.

But here we are. For those that are interested I will share my thoughts on an ad hoc basis about my favorite hobbies: Travel, Cars, Racing and Collectibles… be sure to share your opinions in the comments on stuff that you’d like to read more about. And again thanks for stopping by!


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