Always wanted to live in Florida

Always wanted to live in Florida

… and so I moved to West Palm Beach recently.

For the first time in my life (well Singapore doesn’t count because the street course only ran 1 time a year for the F1 GP) I have a race track across the street from my job. How could I not take advantage of that opportunity?

So far I’ve only done a few events at PBIR – Palm Beach International Raceway but I’m hoping outside of the slow summer season things will pick up and become a little more interesting. Either way it’s a perfect escape from everyday life in “paradise” which honestly Florida has been anything but.

Besides the track work has been keeping me busy. Outside of work it’s been incredibly frustrating not being able to find reasonable accommodate for 2 months. Things are incredibly expensive, which I didn’t really expect especially outside of the busy tourist season even in the times of Covid-19. I thought by now I would have had an apartment, have converted my license to Florida and bought a car locally. Instead I’ve been optimizing my frequent flier miles and points on hotel stays bouncing around every couple of days to get free night and savings here and there. And am shelling out a small fortune on a rental car… I remember bragging years ago how cheap rental cars were in South Florida, but they sure aren’t $10 bux/day any more.

Still I make the best of it. Have been cruising up and down A1A whenever I get a chance. Exploring different beaches, checking out new cuisines, and shopping for cool Hot Wheels.

If the Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix ever takes place next year I’m hoping to be a part of it. Though having driven to South Beach once just when I got down here I am making no further plans to visit Miami/Miami Beach as the construction down there makes it an absolute mess. Not worth the effort considering there are so many other beautiful parts to visit from Fort Lauderdale to Boca Raton, Delray Beach, West Palm and Jupiter.

Hoping things will get better with time here in South Florida.